Saturday, October 19, 2013

Things I learned in the last year (-3 days)

After driving the N3 during rush hour a few times a week
In which we discuss gore, foul language, misleading summaries, Terry Pratchett, death and how many people read this blog.

  • [EDIT] If you put a jump break ^there^ you get an expandable summary 
    • but only in the non-dynamic templates
    • and in order to expand it you have to click through to the full post 
  • Having a gory picture on the front page of my blog for a year makes me uncomfortable.
  • I don't have time to write blog posts
    • However, no-one reads this blog. The issue is moot.
  • I almost never read blogs on the actual blog site, I almost always read in my RSS Client 
    • RIP GReader
    •  Feedly FTW
  • But when I do read a blog site: whether the post is about a technical project or home improvement or banal life updates, it's still associated with some structured set of topics and is part of some sort of progression.
    • Archive by date? The whole flipping site is an archive by date
    • I want categories. Nested Categories. To browse by category. To browse categories.
    • I want to see a post summary, not scroll through an entire post I don't want to read
  • Insomnia is going to be the death of me.
  • I like bulleted lists.
    • with nesting
  • Technically, the Terry Pratchett reference was a self-reference. But not anymore.

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